• Providing consultations on proper usage of information retrieval tools, such as catalogues, card catalogs, databases, bibliographies, information publications, etc. Reference librarians also provide answers to verbal requests.
  • Providing answers to the readers’ information requests (contact via telephone: (8 37) 32 42 48, e-mail [email protected] or Skype (username: eis.kvb).
  • Individual or group trainings-consultations on how to use the Library’s card catalogs, online public access catalog (OPAC) and LIBIS Union Catalogue as well as how to perform searches in the National Bibliographic Data Bank (NBDB), Bibliographic database of articles of Lithuanian periodical press 1994-2002 (archive) and other databases. Registration via telephone: (8 37) 32 42 36 or e-mail [email protected]
  • Trainings and presentations of other trial access and newly subscribed databases (published in the News section on the Library’s website, the Library’s newsletter and events calendar, or you can register via telephone (8 37) 32 42 54, or e-mail [email protected]).
  • Individual trainings and consultations (up to 1 hour) concerning computer literacy, internet resources and electronic services, provided in locations where public Internet access is available (K. Donelaičio St. 8).
  • Tours to introduce the visitors to the Library funds, services, Library regulations, information search, etc. (registration via telephone: (8 37) 32 42 48, e-mail [email protected], or you can fill in an electronic order form).

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