The National Library Week, which proceeds in the virtual environment this year and has moved into its end, allows taking a closer look at how libraries as cultural institutions contribute to fostering progressive society and reducing digital and social divide. For more than a decade, libraries have been teaching citizens to use the internet and digital technologies and thus prepared people for outlasting the complicated circumstances of the quarantine: shopping online, using electronic services, communicating virtually, etc. Recent initiatives, which gained wide public attention, also show their significant contribution: during the quarantine, libraries voluntarily started to print protective face screens for medical professionals by using 3D printers (over 6500 such screens have been already printed) and offered to put at the provisional disposal of local authorities newly obtained computers for supplying the needs of schoolchildren involved in the process of remote learning.

Because of the softening of the quarantine requirements by the Government, the Kaunas County Public Library resumes lending publications services for visitors starting with 27 April. Also Library provides remote services during the quarantine period.

According to the decision of the Government, Kaunas County Public Library does not serve physical visitors and provides remote services during the quarantine period.

Kaunas County Public Library invites you to the online travel club VITA MOBILE, where we invite you to meet travelers and travel enthusiasts. This time, the authors of the travel blog “Wander Spot Explore” Pijus and Ieva are sharing their story about the extraordinary region of Turkey – Cappadocia.

If you, your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, or good friends have a fun, sad, interesting, personal story related to the library, please tell it to us and others. It could be a recollection of childhood, a year of study, building a library, the best book read, a date, the early 90s, a celebration or a moment of loneliness in which the library played a central role, or perhaps a background framing an important moment in a person’s life.

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