We are the way we are
With all our abilities and disabilities!

With these words we present our video “We Are”. The idea behind it is to show that the library is a friendly and inviting place for everyone. Also that the people who work there are prepared to help anyone who seeks knowledge and social communion.

The music video “We Are” was created in collaboration with Kaunas “Arka” community, which helps to unite people with disabilities. This video follows the story of the main hero Marijus and his friends who have come to the library not just seeking knowledge but also to spend time together, make new friends, and learn a thing or two. We are very happy that the process of creating this video was a gateway for new friendships to be born with the community, workers, and volunteers whose experience and kind advices inspire and help to truly understand the needs of people with disabilities.

During this year Kaunas County Public Library has held a variety of educational events for people with disabilities, has started translating cultural events in to sign language, also tried to customize current services as well as create new ones.

The music video vas created using funds from: “Provide necessary equipment to libraries to help social and information exclusion groups”. Creative group: Kaunas County Public Library, director Ridas Beržauskas (“Video Ridas“), girls dance troupe “Flash Dance“, Kaunas “Arka” community. Song lyrics by Rimantė Tamoliūnienė, music – composer Deividas Gnedinas, song performed by Agnė Sunklodaitė and Mindaugas Ancevičius.

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