The aim of the MEANING project is to develop guidelines for English language teachers in order to better respond  to the learning needs of senior students. Specifically, it aims:

  • to motivate and activate seniors to learn and participate in lifelong learning.
  • to find a way to help senior learners with a learning process to improve their language skills and to achieve better results in English language learning.


To reach this goal the project team will develop guidelines on how to learn and study a language, along with the usage of learning strategies and techniques.

The project also intends to equip senior students with the ability to express themselves in the English language and reduce the stress of classes. Overall, this will improve the quality of English language learning for seniors in the partnership countries.

Focus Groups and Interviews

The Focus Groups and Interviews with seniors and adult educators will help the partners to collect ideas and needs about language learning for older people and identify, this way, gaps in existing language training offers.

Thanks to the results of the Focus Groups and Interviews, MEANING partners will be able to develop learning resources fully adapted to seniors’ needs. In particular, guidelines and ready-to-use cards for seniors’ language learning will be developed by the project.

Project parners: Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion (France), Speakeasy Berlin (Germany), Eurospeak (United Kingdom).

The project is co-financed by:

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