Duration: 2021 07 01 – 2023 04 30 

Project coordinator at KCPL: Indra Lukošienė, e-mail [email protected], tel. (8 37) 32 44 45

Project coordinator: Panevėžys County Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public Library

Project partners: Kaunas County Public Library, Klaipėda County Ieva Simonaitytė Public Library, creative studio BLACK BOOK (Norway)

About the project:

The project’s goal is to develop an innovative reading promoting product for pupils and teenagers in 5th -8th grades (10-15 years of age) – a reading challenge virtual game. Its scenario will be consistent and orientated to various choices, solutions all connected to the actions of the main characters. Virtual games will be related to three literature collections, combining it through the game’s overall content, the literature will be traveling around Panevėžys, Kaunas, and Klaipėda county’s public libraries. While playing this game, children and teenagers will search for answers and tips in targeted literature. The Challenge of reading and all additional literature will assist young children and teenagers to solve the problems of social relationships with the environment, in addition, it will develop reading habits, forming maturing individuals’ values in life. The game consisting of a reading challenge and literature collection both will be available in a free mobile application, and the additional literature for the given challenges will be available in special and themed areas in various county libraries and specialized literature hand out self-service terminals, located in city county and rural areas, places where teaching institutions are located (to reach total access, no-contact handouts). Various foreign organizations consisting of culture, art, science, and creative industries, consisting of young volunteers will be involved in the development of the game. Expert educators will create a set of educational-cultural activities based on the content of the virtual game and the book collection to allow the target group to participate in cultural education activities throughout the project. Pupils in grades 5-8 will have the opportunity to systematically take part in educational activities in libraries on county and local levels, where the reading of various books will be presented as a pleasurable and interesting adventure that encourages imagination and creativity, helps them find and evaluate their own and other people’s actions, understand feelings, and much more. The reading games will continue after the project is over, with new books added to the collection and new reading challenges launched.

The project is co-financed by:

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