Kaunas County Public Library (KCPL) was founded in 1950. KCPL is the biggest public library in Lithuania that services both Lithuanian and foreign citizens.

Centre of methodology, bibliography and information

KCPL is the centre of methodology, bibliography and information of public and school libraries in Kaunas and Marijampolė vicinity municipalities. KCPL research the activities of libraries, arranges methodical and information publications, shares information resources, provides professional help, organizes events and implements mutual projects.

Popular services and vast document fund

There are about 8 thousand registered Library users served per year and more than 320 readers served daily. The most popular service still proves to be borrowing publications out on loan. The library also provides computers and internet access, organizes events, exhibitions and trainings.

KCPL has collected a document fund of approximately 1,7 million publications on various topics in Lithuanian and main foreign languages, including topics, such as humanities and social studies; natural sciences and engineering studies; art, music, fiction and Kaunas studies.

Library is open for partnership

KCPL maintains communication with its associates, partners and sponsors. Together with various companies, academic institutions and community organizations the Library implements mutual projects. Many new collaborative connections are formed while searching for innovative solutions and developing new services.

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