All registered readers can borrow materials from Library. For more information about the borrowing, please read Library Regulations.

Books are loaned for 30 days at these locations: Fiction, Central Depository and Art Reading Room (very popular publications – for 15 days), Music Department, Natural Sciences and Humanities, German and Swiss Libraries.  Books are loaned for 15 days at these locations: Periodicals Department and Children’s Literature Department.

Publications can be reserved in KCPL Electronic Catalogue. You can reserve publications from fields of humanities and natural science which are borrowed from Publications Loan and Return and fiction publications which are borrowed from Fiction Literature Reading room (K. Donelaičio St. 8).

You can renew your books (exceptions are very popular publications) in person at the Library or by contacting the department which had lent the publication. The contacts are:

  • Publications Loan and Return – (8 37) 32 44 43, (8 37) 32 43 57;
  • Fiction Literature Reading room – (8 37) 32 44 42;
  • German Publications and Swiss Publications Libraries – (8 37) 32 42 29, [email protected];
  • Art Publications Reading room – (8 37) 32 42 43, [email protected];
  • Music publications Reading room – (8 37) 32 43 27, [email protected];
  • Children‘s Literature Reading room – (8 37) 32 42 25, [email protected];
  • Periodical reading room – (8 37) 32 43 21, [email protected].

You can also renew items online before their due date. In the Electronic Catalogue click on My area and login with your LIBIS Library card number and Password (be sure the information is correct). After clicking Login you will see the list of borrowed items. Then click Renew on the chosen item and enter a new due date and click the option Renew. Please note that the items which had reached the deadline cannot be renewed.

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